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– Steps into Strides –

Career Club

Ready to put the spotlight on your career? 

A passonfilled, purpose led career community. 
Unique space for curious, open-minded, big-hearted professionals who want to develop their career in alignment with who they are. 
Connect with like-minded peers to learn and grow in a safe, non judgemental space.
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Can you relate?

  • You've worked really hard to get to where you are in your career but are still haunted by imposter syndrome and her pesky cousin, "People Pleaser" from time to time - although no one at work would ever know

  • You often struggle to stop your 'Superwoman Mask' from slipping but you know that someone in your position of seniority is expected to hold their shit together and you feel the pressure to be on your "A game" 24/7; both at work and home

  • You love the impact and influence you have in your role but often feel isolated and miss the camaraderie and support you felt earlier in your career

  • You find the pace, speed and volume of work overwhelming at times and have little space for your own reflection and thinking time, even though you know how beneficial it could be to your resilience and development

If you found yourself nodding along to any (or all!) of the above points, Career Club will be perfect for you. Particularly if you:
  • Are a values-led professional in an employed mid-senior level role, love learning and appreciate the importance of self-development as part of your success.

  • Want to build connections and be part of a community of like-minded professionals

  • Aren’t currently prioritising your learning and career development but know that you want to

  • Are ready to increase your performance and impact at work 

  • Want  support, inspiration and help with your career as well as how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of holding a senior role in an organisation 

  • Ambitious but don't take yourself too seriously, love the connection that community brings and enjoy learning new and novel ideas. 


Why I started Career Club

Having spent a lengthy career in the People/HR/Careers space (going on 20+ years now!) and working with professionals like you I know what works when it comes to career development, happiness and growth.

I am a big believer in community, I also am a natural extrovert and love nothing more than being with like-minded individuals, sharing, learning and being curious together. 

Career Club comes from a place of wanting to create a community where there is very little BS, that feels like a haven to explore the realities of having a career and where members can access learning and support that enables them to smash it at work. 

I am a true believer that growth both personally and in your career is reliant on consistency, accountability and action-taking, sadly it’s not going to come knocking on your door. But, it is possible by taking small, incremental steps forward that fits with who you are and how you learn.

– What's included –

Access to a monthly facilitated 90-minute group coaching call

Each call is themed around a career-related topic (previous topics have included building sustained confidence and making an impact, managing boundaries effectively, goal setting etc) 

Access to confidential and experienced support for career-related challenges that you are grappling with

Peer-peer networking and support

Private online Career Club community
Handy career development resources and workbooks

Join Career Club

INVESTMENT: £129 per month*

3-month love or leave it guarantee - I ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment and after that, you can leave, although I hope you will stay to reap the benefits of investing in your career

*If you work with me on a 1:1 coaching programme access to Career Club is included as part of us working together. My 1:1 programmes start from £1,850

What People Say

Everyone is happy to share their experiences and challenges and we learn so much from each other

Keeley, Career Club Member

Ready to go from meh to YEAH in your career?

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