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Hi, I’m Anna

I’m here to get you the confidence and career clarity you crave.

What does success mean to you?

It’s a loaded word, right?


Maybe once it was getting that next role, a great salary and lots of perks, like holidays in the sun and winning awards in the workplace.


But now… you’re beginning to think about things differently. All that stuff just doesn’t excite you in the same way.


If you’re honest, your career doesn’t feel like ‘you’ anymore.

I know firsthand the ups and downs of holding senior roles at work. They can fill us with inspiration and purpose. But when they’re not the right fit (even if they once were) they can also challenge and deplete us – both at work and at home. 
I’m guessing you’re here because you're experiencing something similar.


You’re fed up with feeling like you can never do enough at work while simultaneously not being present enough at home.


Maybe you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to do, but not a clue how to join the dots and get there. 


Or perhaps you’ve got a ‘dream’ leadership role, but you’re struggling to feel empowered in it and are constantly stressed out. 


Believe me, I get it.

I’ve had those moments where it feels like it's all going wrong. Moments of crisis. Feeling utterly lost. 

All I can say is: don't let the fear of failure stop you from taking action. Don’t let doubt stop you exploring what you want to do, or how your life could look.

It took a big change in my career, leaving my corporate role in HR and translating my love of working with others to become a coach, to find my way back to alignment with who I am, my life, my family and my home life.


When I left my 'dream' corporate job, I felt like I'd failed. It hit me hard and I had the usual mind monkeys in my head, worrying that I'd made a mistake. 


But, by taking it step by step and pushing past my own limiting beliefs, I've surpassed my own expectations, learnt a lot and feel a lot happier.


Weirdly, I found that the indecision about what to do was actually much harder and more stressful than when I had made the decision and was setting things in motion. After that, everything else was relatively simple!


And that’s the ethos behind Steps Into Strides. Because when we just take those first baby steps, the magic starts to happen without us even realising how far we’re moving.


I now spend my time coaching people like you to do the same, whether you’re considering a career switch-up or looking for more happiness in your current leadership role.


While the pressure from society to 'have it all' can mean we get lost along the way, the coaching space enables you to come back to yourself, define what success is for you, and design a roadmap that empowers you to achieve it.


I’d love to do that for you.

As an Executive Director, it's rare to get the space and time to have challenging and powerful conversations.


Anna asked the right questions at the right time to enable me to find my own truth and be better for it. Coaching provided the opportunity to explore thinking, beliefs and behaviours that impact how I lead. Thank you, Anna.”

- Joanne, Exec Director 

On my bookshelf

Diving into personal development? These reads helped me redefine my squiggly career!

The Imposter Cure by Dr Jessamy Hibberd

Emotional Agility by Susan David

Radical Candour by Kim Malone Scott

How To Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric

Atomic Habits by James Clear 

The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis

5 random facts about me

I’m an MBTI geek (my first job after Uni was working for the MBTI Company!) I am 100% an ENTJ.


  1. I can't straighten my little fingers!

  2. My favourite song ever is Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys. 

  3. I'm tall! 5ft 10 to be precise.

  4. I have to work very hard to overcome a terrible eye for detail

  5. Birdie my Cocker Spaniel is the love of my life! 

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