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Career and leadership coaching for the Career Curious

Does the job you once loved feel as if it doesn’t ‘fit’ anymore?

Like you’re successful on paper but not staying true to yourself?

Are you craving a career switch-up, but lacking the confidence or clarity to make it happen?

Then you’re Career Curious, and I’d love to help you take that first step (and as many as it takes after that) to find work that truly lights you up.

All the best journeys start with that first step

That still, quiet voice inside you, ringing a bell and telling you something’s not quite right? 


That’s your intuition – and good on you for hearing it! 


It’s easy for it to get drowned out by the roar of goal chasing, other people’s expectations and societal pressures to do things by the book.


If you’re contemplating a career change or looking to feel more empowered within your leadership role, firstly: well done. That alone is a huge step.


But I’m guessing you probably feel immense pressure to make the “right” decision. You like to have a plan, so you’re busy weighing up what feels like a million options on what to do next, swimming in pros and cons lists and ending up in Analysis Paralysis.


Growth and change don't come in massive waves: they start with one small step in the right direction. 


But taking that first step is often the scariest bit. That’s where I come in.

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I’m Anna, and I’ve been right where you are

At 39, I was a parent to two kids, a board member of a big, fancy agency and had my dream role… on paper.


But the reality felt very different. Despite 10+ years in HR, People and Leadership roles, I was crippled by self-doubt, overwhelmed and generally just feeling a bit shit! I’d always been a high performer and I was starting to feel exhausted by the constant pressure I was under (much of it self inflicted).


I decided I wanted something more – something better and more balanced, where I could really play to my strengths for developing talent, working with people and helping them find meaning in their work.


And so Steps Into Strides was born. I coach ambitious people to find joy in their careers – whether that’s helping you take the leap to entrepreneurship, pivot your career or simply find more purpose in your role right now.


With me by your side, we’ll develop your confidence, get clear on what you want and take intentional action to design a career that’s right for you.

Ready to take the first step?

– Career and Leadership Coaching Services –

Whether it’s rethinking your current career or taking a totally new direction, I offer a number of career and leadership coaching packages to suit your current needs.

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What People Say

I now know my goals are within reach and I am more than capable of achieving them.

Laura, Head of Supply Chain

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